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Internet Safety

Three easy ways to keep your business safer online.

The internet is full of complicated jargon, so to make it a little easier here are some handy tips to help your business with its online safety.

Phishing Emails
Phishing emails are a real nuisance. Opening attachments or links within these emails can allow your device to be infected with all sorts of irritating viruses. Keep your junk filter turned on inside your inbox to help prevent this. Most of the time these are active by default. Simply check your junk folder settings in your inbox.

Passwords – We all use them.
It can be tempting to set up one password for everything, especially when we use so many different sites and services online. However, this can make it easier for someone to access more of your information. If you store passwords on your work server or even on the local drive of your computer, password data could still be accessed if your network security is compromised. To be sure that your passwords are secure, make sure that you never send them on an email.

Secure Websites.
Any safe site will be noticeable by the padlock symbol or the web address will start will https://. It is common belief that this secure site symbol means that the user’s information is 100% safe.  But this little symbol only means that any information transmitted onto the site is encrypted. This means that if you put in a number such as 8596 it will show up at the websites host in a coded format therefore making it more difficult for people to gain access to.

To sum up: 3 ways to keep your business safer online

  • Keep you spam filter switched on to avoid pesky phishing emails
  • Do make nice and tricky passwords and store them where you consider to be a safe location
  • Don’t rely on the secure site symbol. Keep your antivirus software up to date

All this information is from our personal experience and knowledge reinforced by getsafeonline.org.  To find out more ways to keep your business safe online we recommend  www.getsafeonline.org

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