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Excel Office Supplies Quality Policy

Excel Office Supplies Quality Policy

Our policy is to provide products and service of the highest quality which fully satisfy our customers’ requirements.

Our core values are: transparency, community, tenacity, dedication and flexibility. We believe in transparent pricing, community involvement, tenacity in sourcing what is required, dedication to delivering the best customer service, and the flexibility to change and improve the service we provide.

Building upon these core values, our quality policy involves the following commitments:

  • To provide a service to our customers which fulfils their product requirements, including ensuring as many products are available as possible, informing customers of backorders, and suggesting alternative items for customers in order to fulfil their order
  • To provide a friendly and reliable service to our customers on which they can depend, and to strive to go the extra mile to find a solution to our customers’ queries and requirements
  • To supply all products in the expected condition and to endeavour to rectify any issues that arise where this condition is not met
  • To ensure that our main suppliers share our core values and commitment to quality and to the environment
  • To catalogue and take corrective and preventative action against any complaint against the service we provide
  • To listen to our customers and to strive to change our processes for the better as a result of customer input
  • To comply with our environmental policy and to encourage our customers to use our shredding and recycling services and our environmental delivery option
  • To ensure that all members of staff represent the core values of the company whenever acting in a professional context
  • To work with our customers in order to provide them with the best solution for their individual requirements
  • To offer contributions to the community in the form of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • To continue to uphold the requirements of the ISO 9001 (quality) and 14001 (environmental) accreditations



Last updated 11.08.14

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